At CoinFabric

We launch ICOs from Start to Finish.

CoinFabric is a full-service launchpad for ITOs (Initial Token Offerings) & ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings), advising on overall strategy and implementing it through a variety of services from content marketing, paid advertising and community building, to investor & influencer outreach and more.

With a team of industry experts, in their respective fields, CoinFabric has all of the parts to successfully help companies to achieve successful Presale, PreICO & Public Crowdsale events.


What we do

We Launch ICOs / ITOs from A-Z

Business Due Diligence

We conduct thorough due diligence on every company we work with including their product/technology, team, tokenization/utility & jurisdiction legalities to minimize the risk for potential investors.

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ICO & Crowdsale Strategy

An ICO/ITO campaign requires thorough planning and precise execution. We advise you on your crowdsale strategy, ensuring that you’re best positioned to achieve your objective - whether this means raising a specific amount of money or attracting your ideal investors.

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Content Marketing & Positioning

Once the strategy is set in place, we focus on developing your brand’s story & narrative. We focus on both creative writing through blog posts and concept articles or technical writing such as Whitepaper curation or product walkthroughs.

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Design & Build your Brand & Crowdsale Page

We believe your ICO/ITO needs to be presented in a beautiful, visual form. Whether it’s designing your crowdsale page, creating high quality promotional videos, we will ensure your story is presented in an appealing manner that is in line with your brand identity*

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Marketing Strategy & Roll-out

Whether it’s paid advertising on crypto-specific platforms, social media marketing & re-targeting or content distribution, our marketing team will ensure that you get exposure to your target market. We believe in a 360 degree marketing approach - simply put your audience will get your message on a variety of online channels

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Community Management & Building

Bitcointalk, Telegram, Slack, and other community tools, tend to get rowdy, and are very time consuming to grow... but, Benn, our community rockstar will ensure that your Community Management & Building (growing) needs are looked after and on track to amplify your ICO/ITO campaign.

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Create & Audit your Smart Contracts

Our technical team will create your smart contract(s) to your specifications, based on the needs of your project, and ensure that a function & security audit is carried out to give you peace of mind.

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Investor & Influencer Outreach

All of our team work tirelessly to build our networks of influencers and investors, so that when we have an attractive, appealing & legitimate opportunity for them to participate in, they will. So working with us, means that you are working with them. I hope thats self explanatory!

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Meet our dedicated

Executive Team

Our team is comprised of leading strategists, marketers, technologists, outreach specialists & crypto-enthusiasts.

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Our Partners

At CoinFabric we believe that building strong, mutually beneficial, relationships helps us to effectively position and launch successful ICO/ITO campaigns with minimum friction. With our partners, we are able to offer a full spectrum of incubation & acceleration solutions for blockchain, and blockchain enabled, companies.

Some of the ICOs our team have worked with

Our team have worked with a number of ICOs & ITOs in various capacities; from individual services, to advisory, to Presale & PreICO investor outreach, to full A-Z launching of their Crowdsale campaigns.

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