Empowering the blockchain economy

CoinFabric is a Blockchain Research & Development agency, and ICO/STO kickstarter, offering consulting, advisory & integrated services to empower entrepreneurs, developers, companies, governments and institutions with the tools and education to interpret or harness the innovation of Blockchain and Tokenization.


ICOs & STOs:

Our experience working with 30+ ICOs over the past 3 years has given us deep insight into the importance of a well coordinated and efficiently executed strategy; whether through marketing, PR/content, design, video, technology, outreach or roadshows, we are  equipped to provide the framework and execution plan to roll-out an effective global campaign.

Incubators & Accelerators


Our methodologies are designed to assist in interpreting not only the outcomes but also the flight-plan for startup companies looking to utilize blockchain, crypto or tokenization as part of their business model. We assist in structuring an effective education plan for new companies through Incubators & Accelerators to improve the legitimacy and health of the Blockchain ecosystem from the ground up.



We work closely with smart organizations with interest in the innovation of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, and how Blockchain can potentially impact their processes, supply chains, and governance. We also provide support in relevant education, assessment, auditing and implementation where applicable.

Governments & Institutions


We empower Governments and Institutions by helping them to interpret or harness Blockchain or Cryptocurrency data pertaining to business and consumer use, behaviour and adoption.